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What Great Corporate Wellness Programs Do


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Extract from the budget speech (Thanks Yaaseen)

 Some long-term insurers reinsure policyholder liabilities with non-resident reinsurers. Policyholders of the South African long-term insurer often elect the underlying offshore investments to which the growth on their policies will be linked. Returns earned on the investments held by the reinsurer and paid as reinsurance benefits are not taxed in South Africa because reinsurance premiums and claims are wholly disregarded in determining the tax liability. Government proposes that net returns from foreign reinsurance be included in the tax calculation of the insurer.

Nutrition, Nudges, and Sledge Hammers

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed changing the labels now required on all foodstuff. The goal is to nudge people to better eating, “nudge” as in the subtle, clever, semi-conscious signals recommended by Rich Thaler and Cass Sunstein in their marvelous book by that name, “Nudge.” But look at that huge number – it screams at the reader: that is not a subtle nudge, it is a NUDGE, no subtlety here. It is a sledge hammer