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Feeling on top of the world

Here is another one from the Actuary


An exercise in wellbeing An article from The Actuary, which is focussed on healthcare in this issue.

Mind, Body and Soul in Healthcare

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Google Flu Trends is no longer good at predicting flu, scientists find

This is a good summary of Google’s attempts to predict flu trends using search terms.

gu-logo-fallback.png Google Flu Trends is no longer good at predicting flu, scientists find | Technology |
Researchers warn of ‘big data hubris’ and the importance of updating analytical models, claiming Google has made inaccurate forecasts for 100 of 108 weeks. By Charles Arthur
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Want to manage employer healthcare costs? It starts with managing utilization

This gives you an updated view on the Milliman classification of loosely managed, moderately managed and well managed that we discussed in class.


Still Don’t Understand Obamacare? Blame the Marketing.

Some interesting ideas relating to marketing health insurance to millenials. I particularly like the idea of using infographics to illustrate benefits….something I haven’t yet seen in South Africa


What Great Corporate Wellness Programs Do